Iran: What security forces don’t want the world to see | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Footage of violent clashes leading to the death of 16-year-old Abdullah Mohammed Pour in Urmia, Iran, has been smuggled out of the country and given to Sky News. The Iranian security forces do not want the outside world to see the footage of this night, but the bravery of Mohammed Ahmadi, an Iranian Kurdish man, has made sure they have...

Whistleblower Details How FBI Allegedly Broke Rules, Made Jan. 6 Higher Priority Than Child Pornography – Nwo Report

Posted BY: The DailyWire

An FBI whistleblower joined Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan Friday to reveal his frustration with the bureau’s leadership over the January 6 investigations and detail what he experienced as an agent.

Steve Friend, who was a domestic terrorism investigator before being suspended, told the host of “The Andrew Klavan Show” that the FBI broke its own rules when investigating January 6 cases and arrested people without enough evidence. He also explained how one of his superiors told him that January 6 was a higher priority than pursuing child pornography cases.

“When I was moved over to from my child exploitation cases, the assistant special agent in charge even mentioned that he felt that child pornography was going to be a local issue and that domestic terrorism, specifically January 6th, was the higher priority,” Friend said.

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The whistleblower added that when he started getting involved on January 6 cases, he noticed that they were “more or less being directed from Washington, D.C.,” even though local field offices usually call most of the shots on cases. Friend explained that this was “inconsistent with FBI rules.”

Let’s Talk About REAL Climate Cataclysms | PA Pundits – International

By Paul Driessen ~

The climate crisis! Save our planet! Stop using fossil fuels! The ranting never ends.

Present data showing that hurricane frequency and intensity are not increasing, but tornado activity has declined significantly since 1975; offer clear evidence of past, recurrent, major climate changes, including a widespread Little Ice Age from 1300 to 1850, a 2400-year-old forest emerging from beneath a melting Alaskan glacier, a 5200-year-old mummified traveler frozen on a once-nearly-ice-free Italian Alps trail – and they respond, Shut up! The climate crisis! The science is settled! Stop using fossil fuels!

Fine. But take a few minutes to ponder REAL climate disasters: the Pleistocene Ice Ages. And then ask Michael Mann, Al Gore, John Kerry and the rest of the climate cataclysm cabal to explain exactly how carbon dioxide and a few other greenhouse gases caused those massive ice sheets to grow and melt, multiple times. Just CO2 and GHG, all by themselves. They can’t do it. The CO2-driven crisis is a fable.

Widespread glaciation began some 1,800,000 years ago in North America and Europe, and about 800,000 years earlier on other continents. There were at least four, possibly five, major glacial periods, interspersed with warm intervals (like the one we’re in now) during which the glaciers mostly melted.

That last glacial epoch is named the Wisconsinan, because some of the most exemplary features are in my home state. It marks the furthest extent of glaciers southward into the United States and east and west across Canada. A piece of limestone on my desk shows striations (scratches) made by rocks dragged along beneath the monstrous glaciers that once covered Green Bay Packer country…

Nothing Joe Biden can do to save the Democrats from the Red Wave According to a New poll! – Nwo Report

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Voters continue to trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle economic issues, according to recent polling, despite President Biden warning, in what he dubbed his “closing argument” ahead of the midterm elections, that GOP policies would worsen inflation and the broader economy.

The striking gap between Biden’s rhetoric and voters’ thinking comes as inflation continues to soar at its fastest rate in four decades and pollsters project a strong showing for Republicans on Election Day.

Writers, Publishers and Editors Call for Termination of Barrett Book Deal in Latest Censorship Campaign – JONATHAN TURLEY

We have been discussing the rising support for censorship on the left in the last few years. Silencing opposing views has become an article of faith for many on the left, including leading Democratic leaders from President Joe Biden to former President Barack Obama. What is most distressing is how many journalists and writers have joined the call for censorship. However, even with this growing movement, the letter of hundreds of “literary figures” this week to Penguin Random House is chilling. The editors and writers call on the company to rescind a book deal with Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett because they disagree with her judicial philosophy. After all, why burn books when you can simply ban them?

The public letter entitled “We Dissent” makes the usual absurd protestation that, just because we are seeking to ban books of those with opposing views, we still “care deeply about freedom of speech.” They simply justify their anti-free speech position by insisting that any harm “in the form of censorship” is less than “the form of assault on inalienable human rights” in opposing abortion or other constitutional rights.

Yet, the letter is not simply dangerous. It is perfectly delusional. While calling for the book to be blocked, the writers bizarrely insist “we are not calling for censorship.”

While the letter has been described as signed by “literary figures,” it actually contains many who are loosely connected to the “broader literary community” like “Philip Tuley, Imam” and “Barbara Hirsch, Avid reader.” It also includes many who are simply identified by initials or first names like “Leslie” without any stated connection.

Nevertheless, there are many editors and publishing figures who list their companies (including HarperCollins, Random House and other companies) and university presses (including Cambridge, Harvard, Michigan Northwestern, Oxford) with their titles in calling for censorship. The list speaks loudly to why dissenting or conservative authors find it more difficult to publish today. These are editors who are publicly calling for banning the publication of those who hold opposing views from their own.

It also includes academics like Ignacio Leopoldo Götz Römer, Stessin Distinguished Professor Emeritus, New College of Hofstra University and Carole DeSanti, Elizabeth Drew Professor of English Language and Literature, Smith College (and former VP and Exec Ed, PenguinRandomHouse).

Rishi Sunak: How the US shaped Britain’s new leader – BBC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Is this a parade of “mutiple citizenship and diversity” ?

This year, it emerged he had retained his Green Card, giving him the right to live and work in the US as a permanent resident. He returned it in October last year, ahead of his first American trip as a government

The disclosure occurred around the time it was revealed his wife did not pay taxes as a UK resident…

“Substantial Evidence” COVID-19 Result Of Wuhan Laboratory “Incident”: Senate Report | ZeroHedge News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Submitted by QTR’s Fringe Finance

It’s the moment we all knew was coming. Well, most of us, at least.

A Senate Committee on Health Education, Labor and Pensions interim report from October 27, 2022 titled “An Analysis of the Origins of the COVID19 Pandemic” has revealed that the origins of Covid were more likely based in a lab as part of a “research related incident” and not zoonotic.

The report was the result of a “bipartisan Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee oversight effort into the origins of SARS-CoV-2”. It provides a lengthy analysis that reviews “publicly available, open-source information to examine the two prevailing theories of origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus”.

Among other conclusions, the report notes: “Substantial evidence suggests that the

COVID-19 pandemic

was the result of a research-related incident associated with a laboratory in Wuhan, China,” the report states.

“A research-related incident is consistent with the early epidemiology showing rapid spread of the virus exclusively in Wuhan with the earliest calls for assistance being located in the same district as the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s (WIV) original campus in central Wuhan. The WIV is an epicenter of advanced coronavirus research, where researchers have collected samples of and experimented on high-risk coronaviruses.”

“While precedent of previous outbreaks of human


from contact with animals favors the hypothesis that a natural zoonotic spillover is responsible for the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 that resulted in the COVID-19 pandemic was most likely the result of a research-related incident.

What Do We Do When the Government is Lawless? | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Even a cursory study of history would give one the feeling that we have been here before. This is a dangerous time for liberty in America.

Let’s put aside the supposed dangers of the invisible Wuhan Flu that is creeping from business to business all across America and take a hard look at the government over-reach that is destroying our nation.

My entire life I have been told that we are a nation of laws and that no one is above the law. Both of those statements no longer ring true with the introduction of a soft martial law quietly imposed on law-abiding American citizens.

Attorney General William Barr recently called it “house arrest” in a rare candid statement from another non-elected public official. Have you ever stopped and considered how many “appointed” public servants were actually manipulating your life?…