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These are the contents of this site re-organized in book order for coherent reading.

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NAVIGATION (Celestial).

The Sun, the Moon and identifiable stars are used to work out North direction and time in this section.


Finding accurate directions by a watch .. Posted on May 12, 2015.. This is my novel technique. WatchCompass_22NL, Finding accurate directions using a watch, posted on May 19, 2015 . This is my novel technique to replace the horizontal watch method. DirectionBySun_12N, Caution in finding North by bisector line of a horizontal watch. Posted on October 28, 2015: The commonly known “Scout method” using a horizontal watch may give directional errors of up to 180 degrees in some circumstances. wpid-bisectorns2c.jpg, Finding directions and time using the Sun and a divider., posted on May 6, 2015. <<<—This is my MOST USEFUL novel technique. wpid-dividermwp3e2c2.jpgwpid-divider42cl2b.jpgwpid155-wpid-divider63cl.jpg. Using polarized light to locate the Sun when it is hidden from view. Posted on May 9, 2015. This is a useful technique. CloudyL, Finding North direction and time using the hidden Sun via the Moon . Posted on July 6, 2015This is a useful technique. moonshapesnangles4c.jpg, Finding North direction and time accurately from the horn line of the Moon. Posted on August 12, 2015. This is my novel technique. wpid-wp-1439376905855.jpeg, Finding North direction and time using the Moon surface features. Posted on July 1, 2015. This is a useful technique. wpid-wp-1435755781395.jpeg, Finding North and time by stars. Posted on August 28, 2015 PolrNorthNC20const8polrsouthq3c60.jpg

Finding North and time with unclear sky. Posted on October 17, 2015. This includes my novel method for finding North and with unclear sky. wpid-bstarsn20b.jpg wpid-bstarss20.jpg, posted on October 21, 2016 antare4smallc30.jpgfomalhautsmallc30.jpgariessmallc30.jpg, . Posted on May 25, 2016 mercator8gc30.jpg, , posted November 3, 2016 slide-sky-disk, Slide Sky-Map for displaying tropical stars, posted on October 7, 2016 photo, , posted July 22, 2016 NorthByKnownStar, Finding time to Sunset with bare hands. Posted on November 11, 2015 .This is my novel improvement for improved accuracy. wpid-sunset2.jpg. Finding time to Sunrise with star maps, Posted on January 9, 2016 . This is a novel application for star-maps. sunrise, Finding direction, distance and navigating to a distant base by stars (Part 1). Posted on January 27, 2016 . This is a novel application for direction of stars in the sky. PolrNorthNC20const8polrsouthq3c60.jpg, Finding direction, distance and navigating to a distant base by stars, fine reading of latitude (Part 2).. Posted on February 6, 2016. This is a novel way of accurately arriving at any chosen destination latitude using no instrument. BStarsN20Vega8C2.jpg

NAVIGATION using only constellations.

The Orion constellation., posted December 26, 2016 orionsamsungn2photo-640alignedc30b.jpg, The Scorpius constellation, posted on January 8, 2017 scorpiussaggigridaltc30.jpg20160418_013006enhenc2c30.jpg

NAVIGATION (Terrestrial).

Measuring angles and distances for outdoor survival, posted on June 29, 2016 DistPole

NAVIGATION (Instrumental).

Determining local magnetic declination by a magnetic compass, posted on March 31, 2016 Compass-Magnetic, , posted on June 14, 2016 compassflipMEDIUM

Selecting and using magnetic compasses, posted on July 9, 2016 JapLensatic, Using GPS in off-grid situations., posted December 6, 2016 , Navigating with an AM MW radio receiver, posted January 17, 2017 radiosony


Making fire and lighting cigarettes with sunlight. Posted on February 27, 2016 StormWatchDiagram, Quick fire making using sunlight, posted on January 4, 2017 20161222_131508gballfirec60.jpg, Mirror for making fire using sunlight., posted on April 13, 2016 20160105_143215C


Rice as emergency food., posted December 24, 2016 20161230_192839ricegrains2c60.jpg


Old maps:

Interesting maps of old Saigon , posted on March 20, 2016 . SaigonThanhQuy

Detecting Counterfeit Currency

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