(LONDON) Old Bailey Court Hearing Report: The mother of Sarah Everard has told a court she is “tormented” at the thought of what her daughter endured as the judge prepares to sentence him for this heinous crime #AceNewsDesk report | Ace News Services


#AceNewsReport – Sept.30: The sentencing hearing, which has been adjourned until Thursday, earlier heard how, on 3 March this year, Couzens used his police warrant card to trick Ms Everard into being handcuffed and getting in his hire car.

#AceDailyNews On Sarah Everard Murder: Our lives will never be the same again’ said the mother & father at the hearing ….as father ask the accused Wayne Couzens to look him straight in the eye…

Germany’s Democracy in Danger: Antifa Attacks AfD Candidate Petr Bystron’s Home, Interferes in Election | VikingLifeBlog


The German national elections Sunday marked the end of the globalist Merkel government, whose Christian Democrats fell to historic lows at the end of her failed reign.

The German political landscape is now hopelessly fractured amid five main parties. It will presumably take months to form a coalition government.

A massive crowd of approx. 700 radical communist Antifa gathered outside the family home of AfD candidate Petr Bystron (Gateway Pundit Eagle Award Winner 2018), terrorizing his wife and children and hurling projectiles at the building. Even though Antifa is generously funded with taxpayer money in the left-Green dominated city of Munich, police had to intervene to protect the neighborhood.

Vermont Folk Troth

The Market Crash Nobody Thinks Is Possible Is Coming, by Charles Hugh Smith | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


Charles Hugh Smith foresees a thunderous crash and believes the stock market has already topped out. SLL isn’t arguing with him. From Smith at oftwominds.com:

The banquet of consequences is being served, and risk-off crashes are, like revenge, best served cold.

The ideal setup for a crash is a consensus that a crash is impossible–in other words, just like the present: sure, there are carefully measured murmurings about a “correction” but nobody with anything to lose in the way of public credibility is calling for an honest-to-goodness crash, a real crash, not a wimpy, limp-wristed dip that will immediately be bought.

What I’m calling for is a rip your face off, weeping bitter tears over the grave of the speculative wealth that you thought was forever crash.All those buying the dipbecause the Fed will never let the market go down will be crushed like scurrying cockroaches and all those trying to rotate into the next hot sector or asset class will also be crushed like scurrying cockroaches because when the Everything Bubble pops, well, everything pops. There is no shelter in a risk-off cascade.

The crash is coming as a result of multiple mutually reinforcing dynamics, the first being that no “serious person” believes a crash is possible, much less imminent. In no particular order, here are a raft of other causally consequential triggers of a cascading market crash:

1. As I noted in my call for the top, Is Anyone Willing to Call the Top of the Everything Bubble?(September 6, 2021), there is no history to support the widespread confidence that the extremes of over-valuation, leverage, euphoria and speculation last forever, or even much longer than the lifespan of a cockroach. We’re well past that benchmark into unprecedented insanity. So what happens next: squish.

Just for the record, the Dow topped out on August 13, the S&P 500 topped out on September 2 and the Nasdaq topped out the day after my call, September 7. (Close enough for gummit work…)

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The end phase of a company following its bubble phase.

The end phase of a company following its bubble phase

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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1. Why does a Private Company want to become listed on some Stock Exchange?

When a company goes public (has become listed on some Stock Exchange), it is often hyped up with future and imaginary potentials. They often are:
a. Better tax treatment for share holders,
b. Better management by complying with the rules of Stock Exchanges.
c. Better access to capital from Superannuation Funds (Pension Funds) looking for somewhere to invest.
d. Better access to loans from banks to maximize the return on investment on every of its projects,
e. Better opportunity in taking in projects which would otherwise be too big for an unlisted company,
f. All the above enhance the price of its current shares.

2. What may happen to an Exchange Listed Company during its Bubble Phase?

a. Once listed on a Stock Exchange, the Management of the company grows and gains higher payments. When this is not carefully controlled, as is often the case, managers may demand god-like status and excessive payments which eat up a large proportion of income of the company.

b. The company is often operated with no “lazy(?) capitals” (such as lands, buildings), no “lazy(?) reserve” (such as cash or treasury notes) so that its earning to capital is kept high, justifying the high payments to its manager.

c. The company in its high gearing state is then valued by “market analysts” and it will be highly praised for being “lean”.

d. It share price (in its high gearing state) is compared to those with stable earnings (and in low gearing state) and said by “market analysts” to be undervalued. After the praise, its share price increases and become highly overvalued.

e. The (overvalued) company with high market capitalization is then offered loans, which are small compared to its (over-valued) capitalization but too big for its earning, and offered big projects its management has no previous experience with.

f. The highly paid management knows the appropriate time to and often does parachute out with golden handshakes when the company is still going strong.

3. The end phase of an over-valued company.

a. The replacement management team is then faced with a company on its last phase of solvency: High interest repayments and difficulty in issuing new shares at now suspected(?) overvalued prices.

b. High interest rates, high management payments are setting up an insolvency trap for the company.

c. Often personnels of the management team can sense the incoming disaster and many of them follow their colleagues and quickly resign from their jobs.

d. Any unexpected problem in operation or in trading condition can trigger insolvency of the company.

e. As the company is lean, with no lazy reserve, no lazy capital, it can only end up in bankrupcy.

e. Investors and creditors often lose ALL of their investment in the company.

4. Should investors avoid over-valued companies?

Yes, avoid them as they often fail spectacularly or at best slowly deflate to sustainable levels.

It is interesting to watch the development of events surrounding the Chinese developper giant Evergrande.


The Futures and Derivatives Markets (Part 1)., The Futures and Derivatives Markets, Part 2: Rigging the indices to win,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 5: Company Asset Strippers and Conspirators posted on 13 August 2017 ,



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WorkSafe charges Victorian health department over COVID hotel quarantine program – ABC News


WorkSafe [a Statutory Authority of Victoria] alleges the Department of Health, formerly the Department of Health and Human Services, failed to provide a safe working environment for its
employees and put non-employees at risk.

The charges relate to Operation Soteria, the iteration of hotel quarantine

which ran in the state from March to July 2020 and was in place when infection control breaches led to the deadly second wave.

Can the US avoid another government shutdown? – BBC News


… At the heart of this is a bitter row over lifting the debt ceiling – a

limit on the amount the US government can borrow…

There are also dire warnings of a catastrophic default on the national debt that could reverberate through the US and the global economy…

Afghanistan: US-Taliban deal hastened Afghan collapse, defence officials say – BBC News


Gen Frank McKenzie said the deal had a “really pernicious effect” on the Afghan government and military.

Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin agreed, saying the agreement had helped the Taliban get “stronger”.

In addition to setting a withdrawal date, the Doha agreement included
broad obligations on the Taliban to take steps to prevent groups such as
al-Qaeda from threatening the security of the US and its allies.

Why “Natural Immunity” Is A Political Problem For The Regime

Why “Natural Immunity” Is A Political Problem For The Regime Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, Since 2020, public health technocrats and their allies among elected officials have clung to the position that absolutely every person who can possibly get a covid vaccine should get one. Both the Mayo Clinic website and the Centers for Disease Control…

It’s utterly unacceptable that Canada’s military ran a secret psyops campaign to manipulate & control the public’s views on Covid — RT Op-ed


Eva Bartlett
Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist and activist. She has
spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East,
especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four
years). Follow her on Twitter @EvaKBartlett

The plan, devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, relied on propaganda techniques like those used during the Afghan war. What on earth is going on in the upper echelons of Ottawa?

High-up elements of the Canadian Forces have been waging psychological operations on the public over Covid-19 to manipulate their emotions and thoughts, and to gauge their reactions. While this is not uncommon around the world, getting caught is.

A new article in Canada’s National Post states that the Canadian Joint Operations Command used“propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war”on the Canadian public.

The Post cites a December 2020 investigation by retired Major-General Daniel Gosselin, who was asked to look into it by then-Chief of the Defence Staff General Jon Vance.

According to the article, the federal government was innocent and not aware of the plan – a claim I find unbelievable, considering the amount of gaslighting and knowingly pointlessregulations the government has subjected Canadians to since the start of the pandemic scare.

The plan involved “shaping”and “exploiting” information, the Post noted, to “head off civil disobedience by Canadians” and “bolster government messages about the pandemic.”

Among the stranger aspects was scaring Canadians with stories of a wolf invasion.

This, according to the Post, involved Canadian Forces’ military information operations staff forging a letter from the Nova Scotia government warning about wolves on the loose, in September 2020.

The Post claims the letter’s release was inadvertent, and basically ran with the Canadian Forces’ claim that this was down to a few bad apples, reservists who “lacked formal training and policies governing the use of propaganda techniques.”

ALSO ON RT.COMCanadian military saw Covid-19 pandemic as ‘unique opportunity’ to deploy propaganda on own population – report

Canadian journalist Dan Dicks, who was among the first to report on and analyze the wolves story, noted at the time that it was a classic example of a psychological operation.

Dicks has also pointed out what the National Post omitted, highlighting:

“They created a fake letter from the government saying there are dangerous wolves, and they set up loudspeakers in the area, projecting out wolf noises. This isn’t just research, this isn’t just a training exercise, they’re actively engaging in this psychological operation to scare people using loudspeakers.

‘Psyops’, he noted, is a term used “to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people,” and they are “aimed at influencing a target audience’s value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behaviour.”

Canadian journalist James Corbett likewise commented on this at the time, pointing out how a rumour is floated to see how the public reacts:

“This entire coordinated campaign to convince an entire public of a threat that doesn’t exist, in order to test how they will react to that, what will the public respond to and how will they respond? That really speaks volumes to the world we are living in. And you really think they are going to do all of that, but they are never going to use that for any nefarious purposes?”

An article in the Ottawa Citizen noted at the time that Canada’s Department of National Defence claimed: “The fake letter wasn’t meant to be released to the public and an investigation is underway to determine how that happened. The letter was an aid for the propaganda training.”

The department also claimed to not know why the loudspeaker was set up to transmit wolf sounds.

I guess a member of the public who read the letter must have taken it upon themselves to set up the loudspeaker then, hey?

The same Ottawa Citizen article cites Bard College professor Emma Briant, who specializes in researching military propaganda, calling the stunt a “major violation of ethics.”

ALSO ON RT.COMCovid-hit Canada province institutes vaccine passport system as healthcare leaders call for ‘aggressive action’ & military aid

UK “anti-masker” razor-blade poster hoax

The “shaping” and “exploiting” of information on Covid-19 to gauge and shape the public mood is, of course, not unique toCanada. To give another example, in May 2020, the UK Column obtained a leaked internal document of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) from March 26, 2020, which advised:

“Use the media to increase the sense of personal threat. Use the media to increase the sense of responsibility of others. Use the media to promote positive messaging around actions. Tailor the messaging and use and promote social approval for desired behaviours.”

I recently spoke to UK-based journalist Iain Davis on a variety of issues pertaining to fear porn and media hype around the issue of Covid-19.

In our interview, Davis spoke of another hoax that appeared on the BBC last July: a Cardiff woman who claimed she had been cut by a razor blade allegedly stuck on the back of an ‘anti-mask’ poster.

What the BBC did not bother investigating was that the poster in question was laminated, thus stiff, and the razor blade stuck flat to the back of it, making it virtually impossible that the woman had actually cut herself.

“When you took it off the wall, it would have been like a card, not a piece of paper you could scrunch up, it would have been a stiff card,” David said.

Nor did the BBC question why she threw away the ‘evidence’ instead of turning it over to the police she had contacted. They didn’t look into her apparent history of outlandish and improbable claims, like being disemboweled and walking to hospital holding her intestines in, nor her admitted history of self-harming, lending credence to the likelihood she staged the sliced-hand photo.

While this story seemingly originated from an unstable individual, it was pushed unquestioningly by British state-owned media.

Further, as Davis noted, the nonsensical razor poster story re-emerged two months later, this time with London transport warning of “anti-mask posters with razor blades.”

ALSO ON RT.COMAs BoJo prepares Britain for another winter of Covid restrictions, it’s still not enough for the hardliners

In this story, the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union cited by the BBC actually said it wasn’t aware of any razor-blade incidents. Yet the BBC ran with the claims nonetheless (using the previous unstable person’s photo to support the claims).

These were not the first razor-blade poster stories, though. In 2020, the BBCand other media ran stories claiming razor blades (and needles) had been put behind anti-5G posters, again not providing any actual evidence to back the claims.

Anti-mask, anti-5G… and ‘razor-blade posters’. Clearly, this looks like another psyop to indoctrinate the public into equating people who have legitimate and science-based concerns about particular issues as being not only bat-s**t crazy, but dangerous, a menace to society.

But these stories are being cooked up in underhand ways by some powerful forces that shouldn’t be engaged in these matters, while the masses actually concerned about these issues are raising their concerns in peaceful manners: petitions, peaceful demonstrations, scientific papers… All that is easily obscured by a few tabloid stories with screaming headlines.

According to Davis, the point is “to seed the idea into the public imagination to associate people that question vaccines with extremism, ultimately with terrorism. There is a lineage going back quite a few years where you can see this narrative being seeded into the public consciousness. It has really ramped up in the last couple of months.”

Indeed, in November 2020, the Ottawa Citizen revealedthe Canadian Forces’ desire to “establish a new organization that will use propaganda and other techniques to try to influence the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of Canadians,” noting they’ve already spent over $1 million to “train public affairs officers on behaviour modification techniques of the same sort used by the parent firm of Cambridge Analytica.”

ALSO ON RT.COMHealthcare workers are burned out by the Covid-19 pandemic and need care themselves. But who will help the helpers?

While noting nominal opposition and concern by the defence minister, the Citizen reported that “work is already underway on some aspects of the plan and some techniques have been already tested on the Canadian public,” as well as that “a series of town halls were already conducted last week for a number of military personnel on the strategies contained in the draft plan.”

Dan Dicks, in his commentary on the wolves scare story, aptly opined, “It frustrates me so much that the government is actively trying to silence me as being ‘fake news’ or putting out ‘false information’, when they are actively engaged in propaganda campaigns to distribute false information designed to scare Canadians.”

Indeed, we who speak out on uncomfortable issues are censored, ostracized, and labeled as ‘conspiracy theorists’, while governments are actively spewing misinformation and manipulating the masses.