Bob Woodward, tollbooth records undercut Jan. 6 panel claim Kerik attended secret D.C. meeting
Subpoena from Rep. Bennie Thompson’s committee attributes allegation to legendary journalist’s latest book, which makes no such claim, in potential embarrassment for Democrat-led probe. Go to Source Author: {Just The News}… Read more

Janet Yellen Faces the Nation and Lies About Inflation, by Schiffgold | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC


After last week’s sizzling hot CPI data, inflation talk continues to dominate the news. The government and central bank have been insisting inflation is transitory. Now they’ve turned to a new spin tactic – recycling 1970s inflation propaganda.

Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen appeared on Face the Nation and spent the interview lying about inflation. Peter Schiff unraveled her lies in his podcast.

According to Yellen, the current bout of inflation has nothing to do with the Biden administration or the Federal Reserve. She claims it’s the pandemic’s fault, saying, “The pandemic has been calling the shots for the economy and for inflation.”

In Yellen’s narrative, inflation is simply a byproduct of high demand. She said there was a dramatic increase in demand during and after the pandemic, and that is why prices are going up. Since people were at home, they had lots of time to shop. “They shifted their spending on to goods that led to a surge in the demand for products,” Yellen said.

So, we really don’t have anything to worry about because this isn’t really inflation. It’s just demand-driven price hikes.

Peter called this laughable.

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US Fed favoring the current ruling class with irresponsible policy | The Wentworth Report

US Fed favoring the current ruling class with irresponsible policy. By Terry McCrann.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Your economic and financial future is in the hands of an incestuous combine of the most spineless and most incompetent people on the planet on the one hand and the greediest on the other.

The first group are the people at the Fed — the Federal Reserve Board and its Federal Reserve Bank members — who have spent the year literally and utterly incompetently not seeing the rising inflation all around them in the US, and then pretending the inflation wasn’t real.

The second group is of course those ‘masters of the universe’ that infest — and that word is used very deliberately — lower Manhattan, mid-town, indeed anywhere there are $US10m, and higher, condos, and Long Island and in particular its eastern end.

With this week’s figures, inflation can no longer be hand-waved away as “transitory”:

Annualised, that’s inflation of more than 10 per cent! For the whole 2021 year it will top 7 per cent.

In late September, the Fed was ‘forecasting’ 2021 inflation would ‘only’ be 4.2 per cent. Utter incompetence … So traders looked at the number and yawned. The Dow eased just 240 points — all-but a rounding error for a Dow at 36,000.

Is the Fed acting in your interest?

Those traders know that the Fed will continue to sell out the vast bulk of the American people — from those earning $US15 an hour and are struggling to survive with soaring prices of life-necessities like food and heating, up to an including the rapidly vanishing ranks of ‘middle America’ that might be earning between $US40 to $US100 an hour.

The Fed will continue to sell them out to the aforesaid Wall St vermin, who earn anywhere from $US1000 to $US100,000-an-hour, riding the Fed-created and sustained biggest bubble in world history.

Faced with the very real and rising inflation, last week the Fed only committed to the gentlest of QE-tapering — it will still keep printing $US100bn of new money a month, further pumping the market, and left its interest rate at zero.

A competent Fed, a responsible Fed, would have responded to the inflation number with a 180-degree U-turn: immediately abandoning all QE and raising its policy rate by 50 points. That would have sent the Dow down — 5000 points? 10,000 points? ...

Don’t worry, short-term. There’s not the slightest prospect of the Fed doing anything even the tiniest bit responsible. It will bend over backwards to keep the bubble bubbling.

But worry, really worry, long–term. The longer the bubble lasts the bigger the ultimate bust.

This will not end gently. With a steady moderate inflation, the pain of ending this debt bubble will be drawn out over a decade or more. Or there might be an accident along the way.

The biggest theme in markets is reversion to the mean. It always happens eventually, one way or another. Most ratios are way out of whack right now, so there’s a lot of reversion to do.

Damn-the-torpedoes: Biden countermanded, huge payments for immigrants breaking American laws are back on | The Wentworth Report

Damn-the-torpedoes: Biden countermanded, huge payments for immigrants breaking American laws are back on. By John Hinderaker.

When he was first asked about the prospect of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars — $450,000, to be exact — to illegal immigrants whose families were separated at the border, President Biden called the idea “garbage” and said it “[wasn’t] gonna happen.” Apparently those in the Justice Department who were responsible for the deal hadn’t bothered to brief the president.

When a few days later he was asked again about the rumored agreement, Biden, now having gotten the message, did a 180. This time, Biden castigated “the last administration” and said that illegal immigrants “deserve some kind of compensation,” although he professed total ignorance as to what the appropriate amount might be.

Presumably Susan Rice, Barack Obama, Ron Klain, or whoever it is that actually runs policy in the White House got him up to date on the program and told him what to say.

Biden’s first bounce was that of a normal person. Not being aware of the outrage that his own administration has in the works, he denounced reports of it as “garbage.” Not surprisingly, Biden’s reaction was the same as that of an overwhelming majority of Americans. …

What is interesting to me is that the Democrats couldn’t have imagined that their payoff scheme would be popular. …

The Democrats are in a damn-the-torpedoes mode, and are determined to accomplish as much of their extreme agenda as they can, regardless of the consequences.

Popularity with core Americans has nothing to do with it. This is about encouraging more non-core Americans to come to American and vote.

Or as Steven Hayward suggests:

The payment to illegal aliens is simply a dry run to establish the foundation for paying reparations for slavery. Since Congress is unlikely ever to vote for such a thing, how about a collusive lawsuit against the Biden Administration that the Justice Department “settles” in favor of reparations?

Oh, reparations. To transfer money from those who don’t vote left, to some of those who do. Election outcomes are coming to really matter, just like in third world countries.

Powerful New Jersey Democrat, Steve Sweeney, Will Not Concede Election Because He Just Found 12,000 Ballots | Centinel2012

Posted originally in the conservative tree house on November 6, 2021 | Sundance | 136 Comments

New Jersey Democrat President Steve Sweeney was stunningly defeated by a truck driver named Edward Durr in last Tuesday’s elections. However, Sweeney has refused to concede the election.

When questioned about why he refuses to concede, the most powerful Democrat in the New Jersey legislature said his campaign just found 12,000 ballots to help him. They don’t even try to hide the corruption anymore.

“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney said in an email, not naming the county. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.” (read more)

WH Official Baffled, Can’t Answer Why Admin Pays Illegal Aliens Over Legal Immigrants – Nwo Report

“Why would we be giving people who are coming here the right way money?”

Source: Ben Warren

A White House official was stunned and couldn’t answer why the Biden administration prefers to give money to illegals instead of people who enter the country legally when asked about controversial immigration policies.

The revealing exchange occurred during a Friday presser when Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over last week’s WSJ report that claimed feds were in talks to pay each illegal separated at the border under the Trump administration $450,000.

Below is a transcript of the exchange.

Doocy: “Is there discussion about giving people who are coming here the right way money?”

Jean-Pierre: “Why would we be giving people who are coming here the right way money?”

Doocy: “Why are you giving people who came here the wrong way money?”

Jean-Pierre: “I don’t understand the question. You’re saying we should just give people money who are coming through? I don’t understand the question.”

Doocy: “You’re giving people who immigrated here illegally money.”

Jean-Pierre: “Like I said, that’s Department of Justice, you’re going to have to ask them that question.”

Earlier this week, Jean-Pierre also deferred Doocy’s similar line of questioning by appealing to the DOJ’s authority over the issue.

Notably, Doocy on Friday choose to ask the White House why illegals are getting paid at all instead of splitting hairs over the exact dollar amount the payout would be.

Biden On Illegal Immigrant Payoffs: Never Mind | The Wentworth Report

Biden On Illegal Immigrant Payoffs: Never Mind. By John Hinderaker.

News circulated last month that the Biden administration was planning a payoff scheme whereby illegal border crossers would get $450,000 apiece, or $1 million per family, from U.S. taxpayers. … Illegals would be grotesquely rewarded by American taxpayers for violating our laws …

One can only imagine the feedback that those who run the “Biden administration” received to this proposal. It must have been so grim that Joe Biden has now backtracked: Joe Biden Backs Off $450K Payouts to Border Crossers: ‘Not Going to Happen’.

On Wednesday, while promoting vaccines for the Chinese coronavirus, Biden claimed reports about the $450,000 payouts were “garbage” and called them “not true.”

More likely, Biden’s handlers just didn’t like the political fallout when the absurd scheme was exposed. …

Trying it on. In the meantime, can you imagine the effect on potential illegal immigrants? Free health care, free education, assistance with housing, great schools — and maybe $1m! Let’s immigrate to the US.

Sack a million bureaucrats and cut government spending by 60%: it worked last time | The Wentworth Report

Sack a million bureaucrats and cut government spending by 60%: it worked last time. By George Gilder, writing of the US.

After World War II, when 10 million demobilized servicemen returned from the front to an economy that had to be converted from a garrison state to meet civilian needs, economists steeled themselves for a renewed Great Depression.

But a big congressional Republican victory in the elections of 1946 propelled a drastic turn away from the government-planning regime of the war. Government spending plummeted by no less than 61% between 1945 and 1947. …

Some 150,000 government regulators were laid off, along with perhaps a million other civilian employees of government.

Disbanded were such managerial agencies as the War Production Board, the War Labor Board and the Office of Price Administration, beloved of John Kenneth Galbraith. Every Keynesian and socialist economist confidently predicted doom.

In 1945, Paul Samuelson [the first US economist to win the Nobel Prize] prophesied “the greatest period of unemployment and dislocation which any economy has ever faced.”

Result: The greatest boom in US history.

There was no new depression, though…

House GOP to block Biden admin’s plan to pay illegal immigrants up to $450,000 for border separation policy | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

House Republicans are set to introduce a bill that would block the Biden administration’s plan to financially compensate illegal immigrants separated at the border...

COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle

COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle Authored by Whitney Webb via Unlimited Hangout, COVID-19 erased the regulatory and trial-related hurdles that Moderna could never surmount before. Yet, how did Moderna know that COVID-19 would create those conditions months before anyone else, and why did they later claim that their vaccine being tested in NIH trials was […]