Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

When a crook wants to befriend a naive person he may stage a false robbery scene so that he would be able to suddenly (“just happened to come by fate”) appear as a rightous hero to rescue the victim (“Strongman rescueing a beauty”). With such impression, he will successfully befriend his victim. From then on he can easily carry out his scam against his victim.

Such staging is well known in most Asian cultures and been widely disseminated in Asian literatures and plays. Prudent people always keep their awareness of such possibilities in their minds.
However, the trick still can trap naive people and can even trap few nations!

1. Application to coups and counter-coups.

A foreign power may stage a coup against the leader of a country. The same foreign power then intervene with the coup to safely bring the losing leader out of the country.
Later on the foreign power may reinstall the leader and gain his total trust.

The coup against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran [2] may be of this type.

The power struggle between Khmer Rouge and the late Cambodian Crowned Prince Sihanook in 1976 [1] may also be of this type.

2. Applications to belligerent nations.

Country A and country B have been against each other. A much stronger country C befriends both. Country C secretly arms country B to gain superiority over country A. When the war between B and A occurs and country B nearly vanquishes country A, country C unexpectedly jumps in to mediate. Thereafter, C becomes the benefactor of A, A may become a satellite vassal state of C.

Iraq, Peshmerga Kurd, Iran-US in 1975 [2] may have been a setup.

Iraq, Islamic State Daesh, USA in 2017 [3] may have been another setup.


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Added after 2017 Dec 10th:

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The Phajaan may last for weeks and these poor animals will have no rest from physical torture and mental domination… Gradually, their spirits break and their handlers achieve the control they seek. The mahouts will not be the ones abusing the elephants, instead, they will come in and “save” them by offering them their first meal, and by taking them away from their crate and chains. Just another form of manipulation.

[11]. https://wediditourway.com/2018/05/11/the-best-place-to-see-elephants-in-thailand-ethical-ecotravel/



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