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Three Monks

A new USA Amendment to Define Words and Prohibit Against their Unauthorized Modification is required. posted on 2019 Aug. 26.

Lü Shang (Jiang Ziya), =Lã Thượng (Khương Tử Nha), 1128 -1015 BC|Wikipedia posted on 2023/01/18

End phase of USA from the point of view of Lu Shang’s teaching posted on 2023/01/19

“Calling a spade a spade” and “calling a deer a horse” posted on 2020 July 30th.

Avoid retracing the tracks of overturned carts (Learning from history) posted on 2023/02/18

USA acknowledged to be run by lobbyists posted on 2023/03/23

Journalist Abby Martin sues state of Georgia-over-law-requiring-pledge-of-allegiance-to Israel | mcviewpoint

Sharon Words 206 posted on 2023/05/02

Chronology of the American slide to zombieness posted on 2023/5/08.

Why-orwell-matters-desultory-heroics posted on 2023/01/20

The illusion of Justice in “rules based” Western countries posted on 2023/01/14

The Constitution… is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary -Thomas Jefferson

The amazing policies of Ancient Chancelor Guan Zhong ( 管仲; Kuan Chung; Quản Trọng, c. 720–645 BC) posted on 2023/01/16

The lessons from Lü Shang of ancient Zhou that both Russia and USA failed to learn.

, posted on

Debating against propagandists.,posted on 2018 Nov 25

Spotting doctored photos posted on 2023 April 20

Our enemies have accused us of what they themselves were doing – J. Goebbels, posted on 2020 Aug 25.

Misattribution for “Accuse your enemy of what you are doing” posted on 2021 April 16.

Misattribution for “Repeat a lie ….” posted on 2023 March 03

Tăng Sâm (Zeng Shen, 曾参) committed a murder (The power of rumours) posted on 2021 April 15

The power of propaganda: Fake news, Biased news.posted on 2019 Dec 06

1944 Information Ministry Letter Proves (…) Propaganda Promoted To Cover Up Real Bolshevik War Crimes – Christians for Truth posted 2023 April 14

What is ANTI-SEMITISM ? posted on 2023/02/15


Belgian-city-of-aalst-says-anti-semitic-parade-just-fun | bbc-news

Joseph Stalin and antisemitism – Wikipedia


Discrimination and self-seggregation may be neccessary for self-preservation of all other unchosen ethnic groups.

Cutting off the financial tentacles of the destroyers of your own country posted on 2023/5/06

Has BBC done its own checking on facts? posted on 2020 Feb 04

BBC Fake News: Part 1, Australia intelligence chief warns of neo-Nazi threat posted on 2020 Feb 25

BBC Fake News: Part 2, Covid-19 posted on 2020 Mar 13

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Was George Washington politically incorrect on foreign influence?

Deep State power includes the power to stop all questioning about Deep State.


Why do foreigners have to migrate to USA?

A Deep State had been anticipated by J.E. Hoover and R. Nixon

“Any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong.” posted on 2023/01/10

Was Watergate a CIA scheme-to-remove President Nixon from-office?


Guide for taking over another country using dual citizens.




Sharon Words 206: We (…) control America… posted on 2023/5/02

Sharon says We Control America, Letter to Ford 1974 – Tehran Times posted on 2023/5/08


Americas-dirtiest-secrets | 2023/02/14

Hidden History: A close examination-of-woodrow-wilsons-legacy-The-most-revolutionary-act posted on 2021/08/24

The origin of the Palestine Israel conflict posted on 2021/07/29

Israel and the Saudis Are Artificial States, and the Cause of the Disastrous International Climate — Prepare for Change | Vermont Folk Troth posted on 2023/05/21

The accuracy of Old Testament versus that of Ancient Chinese history. posted on 2023/05/23

Making a credible “Deal of the Century”.

, posted November 06, 2018

It is easy to buy a University degree. Here is how, posted on 2021/08/02.



Broken systems of citizenship and immigration fail spectacularly regarding returned terrorist fighters.

Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home



Corporations have too much priviledge posted on 2020 July 22.


Homelessness caused by Australian governments robbing unit owners to give to greedy Management Corporations.

The planned or unplanned recession to rob investors in rental market.

A theory of conspiratory interest cycles

A conspiracy on interest rates to rob investors and trigger recession. posted on 2023/03/14

A conspiracy to rob Australian unit owners and trigger recession in Australia. posted on 2023/03/01

Why have the economies of the West got into the current mess? posted on 2023/03/25

Can US government reduce inflation ? posted on 2023/04/02

Inflation and interest rates from Central Banks posted on 2023 May 16

Benjamin Franklin and the Jews — National Vanguard | Vermont Folk Troth posted on 2023 May 14

Asian ethnic minority should be careful with buying units in new high-rise buildings in Melbourne

Self-segregation in communal dwelling is now neccessary in Australia.

Nearly total breakdown in legal system for Communal Housing in Victoria, Australia.

Setting up covenants to keep housing costs down and prevent destruction of our beloved local community posted on 2023/5/10.

Is it true that “Non-Jews — No Property Rights” ?


karma-came-to-washington-dc posted on 2021/01/25


Is this Eipstein business too hard to believe?

Preview-to-answering-the-big-question-how-do-we-fix-this-mess |centinel2012 posted on 2021/08/30



Capitalist, Communist and National Socialist economic systems.


The Revolution Betrayed – Wikipedia

The hidden causes of hatred toward Vladimir Putin by Western Main Stream Media, published 2019/09/09

A possible soft Revolution in USA

It is time to realize that Every country has the government it deserves. posted 2021/08/11

Easy steps of postal ballots harvesting published 2020/11/09

Sonic weapons are real published 2018/06/07

Leftist officials showed their true communist colour in this pandemic published 2021/07/30

A return to common sense is needed in this Coronavirus-SARS2 chaos posted on 2021/08/09


Fabrication of History, Part 1A1

Fabrication of History, Part 1A2

Fabrication of History, Part 1A3

Fabrication of History, Part 1A4



Had USA walked-away-from-vietnam-in-1973-in-order-to-direct-all-its-military-aids-to Israel?

Why did US leave the Vietnam war after it has almost won?

Vietnam War – A Decent Interval / Who Lost Vietnam??

Decent interval – Wikipedia

Frank Snepp – Wikipedia

insider-view-the-tragedy-of-the-u-s-deep-state by strategic-culture

Kissingers secret trip to China

Kissinger-at-98-not-exactly-a-hero-for-the-jews posted on 2023/01/10

Richard Nixon’s observation on races and societies.

Sharon Words 206: We (…) control America… posted on 2023/5/02

Sharon says We Control America, Letter to Ford 1974 – Tehran Times posted on 2023/5/08


The big differences between the Fall of Saigon and the Fall of Kabul. posted on 2021/08/17

The-little-known-seeds-of-defeat-sown-in-vietnam-by-america posted on 2021/08/26




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Chinese Globe 3

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, posted .
Understanding “Threatening on the East to actually attack on the West”.
France has NOT given to China Paracel and Spratly islands posted 2018 December 04th.

U.S. Position on Maritime Claims in the South China Sea – United States Department of State published 2020 July 13.







, published



Trade war tactics, Part 9: Taxing remittances to make effective tariffs.

Trade War tactics: US farmers should divest from soybean production.


Chinese Hongshan dragon may actually be a Viking dragon

US should have offered to buy Australian Port of Darwin.

, published

Effects of Trade War on US dollars and treasury notes.



The hidden causes of hatred toward Vladimir Putin by Western Main Stream Media


Chinese Globe 3



Making a credible “Deal of the Century”. posted 2019/04/21

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France has NOT given to China Paracel and Spratly islands



How world war 3 might/may unfold posted on 2021/04-April-/08

The-deeper-causes-of-the Ukraine Russia-war posted on 2022 Mar 09

The-stategy-used-by Putin posted on 2022/03/22


si-vis-pacem-para-bellum posted on 2023/01/02

A real-risk-to-ukraines-defense

Two new axes of powers fighting for dominance of the World posted on 2023 April 06.


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Nation states are NOT obsolete concepts. published on 2019 Oct 5th.

Rats prefer to help their own kind, humans may be similarly wired: Study

Discrimination and self-seggregation may be neccessary for self-preservation of all other unchosen ethnic groups.








War refugees, chain migration and the importation of cruel foreign customs posted on 2021/09/27


Broken systems of citizenship and immigration fail spectacularly regarding returned terrorist fighters.


If two women can marry among themselves, why not three? posted on 2021/10/09

Diversity may be beautiful but justice seems to suffer.

Why should countries epouse diversity to transform themselves into copies of Lebanon ?






Donkeys near a cabin



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50 MWh Tesla Battery Commissioned At Australian Solar Power Plant,

Li-ion Battery Costs Destroy Dreams of Gravy-Train, Green Energy

Australian Greenies have caused more harm than good to the environment.

Australian bush-fire has been caused mostly by greed from governments and greenies.


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The scam of “Recycling organized by local governments”,

The scam of “Recycling organized by local governments”, part 2: Recycling Plastics.










twice-daily-oral-zinc-in-the-treatment-of-patients-with-coronavirus-disease-2019-a-randomized-double-blind-controlled-trial-clinical-infectious-diseases-oxford-academic/ posted on 2023/01/07

class-switch-towards-non-inflammatory-spike-specific-igg4-antibodies-after-repeated-sars-cov-2-mrna-vaccination-science-immunology/ posted on 2023/01/06

four-cases-of-cytokine-storm-after-covid-19-vaccination-case-report-pubmed/ posted on 2023/01/07

autopsy-based-histopathological-characterization-of-myocarditis-after-anti-sars-cov-2-vaccination-springerlink/ posted on 2023/01/06


Diverse-methods-of-transforming-free-men-into-addicts, posted October 04, 2018

Miseries-unleashed-by-push-for-cashless-trading, posted August 22, 2017


Private Federal Reserve Bank is not needed as a lender of last resort, posted on September 29, 2018


Calling for the abolition of elected empire building local governments.

Calling for the abolition of wasteful third level elected (local) governments.

, posted on 17 April 2017 ,

, posted on 07 May 2017 ,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 5: Company Asset Strippers and Conspirators posted on 13 August 2017 ,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 6: Robbers of pension money in Australia posted on 02 May 2018 ,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 6B: Robbers of pension money in Australia. posted on 16 July 2018 ,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 7: Providers of invented inefficient service from tax money posted on 18 May 2018 ,

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 7b: Providers of invented inefficient Green projects.

The parasites-of-western-economy-part-8-body-corporate-robbing-owners-of-low-cost-dwellings posted on 05 June 2018 ,

Do not buy dwelling units in Australia (Victoria) posted on 2022/08/26

Don’t trust laws on Communal Housing in the State of Victoria, Australia. posted on 2023/02/03.

Do NOT invest in Victoria, Australia, Part 1: If you do not have faith in Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal.

Do NOT invest in Victoria, Australia, Part 2: If you do not have faith in precedents from Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal.

The horror of living in Communal Housing: How laws makers scrambled the laws in Victoria, Australia, Part 1. posted on 2022 Nov 30

The-real-ongoing-legalised-robbery-of-flat-unit-apartment-owners-in-victoria-australia posted on 2022/12/27

The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part II: The Benefit Principle and derelict buildings posted on 2023/01/01

The real, ongoing legalised robbery of flat/unit/apartment owners in Victoria, Part III: The fraudulent process of electing “Commissars” on 2023/03/16

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 9: Over-chargers-for-unfamiliar-types-of-service posted on 04 July 2018 ,

The-parasites-of-western-economy-part-10: Greedy-politicians-overpaid-with-our-tax-money posted on 21 August 2018 ,

The-parasites-of-western-economy-part-11: Vulture-funds posted on 18 October 2018 ,

Sears didn’t die Vulture capitalists killed it

The-parasites-of-western-economy-part-12-local-councilors-and-their-self-granted-benefits posted on 28 October 2018 ,

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