Miseries unleashed by push for Cashless trading

Miseries unleashed by push for Cashless trading

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Miseries unleashed by push for Cashless trading.

The bank advocates in Australia used the pretext of fighting tax evasion and organized crime [1] to advocate the abolition of cash. Is this their real motive? As usual, we have to think that bank profit is the real motive. The situation in Australia is just a local version of wider analoguous global events.

1. Definition of Cashless societies.

In setting up cashless societies, governments require each person to open a bank account and put all his earning and spending through that bank account. They claim doing this reduces tax evasion and organized crime.

2. Can tax evasion be reduced?

No. People can still form Work Parties to trade their works (tax free) ! Similarly, people can exchange their services for goods.

For evasions by trademen and retailers, random inspection can drastically increase compliance with existing GST, VAT system using cash.

3. Can organized crime be reduced?

a. It is now known that Russian organized crime flourished in the Soviet era as people could still give one another ration cards, goods, service, favours, etc.

b. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia did not get any fine for transgressing the rules on Cash transactions. (Yes, the Australian Government still shamelessly said that it wanted to fight organized crime by bank rules !)

So it is only hopeful talk on its effects [19], [20], , [24].

4. The real motive in making a cashless society:

a. Private International Bankers have owned Central banks of USA, England [2], and now they want a firmer grip on national finance of each country.

From partial ownership of Federal Reserve Bank, they annually collect $40 USD per American head (They love it to the point of assassinating 2 US Presidents and attempted (failed) assassination of another US President.). We have to imagine how much more they can collect if they also control individual accounts of each person.

b. Int. bankers failed attempts to lure people into Diner Club, American Express, Visa, Master Cards tell them that they have to herd users into their system by legal compulsion.

c. Their failure is caused by people’s aversion to their multitude of fees: joining, interests on debits of more than 28 days, penalties for not meeting monthly minimum payments, etc… (, [23]).

d. They tried to promote their cards again by TV advertisements, asking hired cars companies and hotels to limit business to only credit card holders.

e. They still failed.

f. So they realized that the easiest way to herd people into their finacial systems is to have cash removed. Finally, they had the Indian government doing exactly what they wanted!

Figure: The setting up of a fiat money.

In my illustration for the setting up of fiat money, just imagine that there was a banker in front of the government building intercepting all transactions between it and its citizens and even among the citizens. Can you trust that banker?

5. People are forced to put their savings into banks and give credits to stores.

People have to put their money in the banks to increase the ratios of money kept over all money on loans from those banls.

Stores will have to issue trade account vouchers to replace cash. Prudent people will have to buy these vouchers to avoid being left without foods, clothes and everything else if the internet or the banks or all shut down.

Prepayment of goods for about two month of supplies is in effect giving credits to the stores.

If the stores go bankrupt, your customer voucher cards may give you higher priority than unsecured trade creditors !

This has also been suspected as a real motive for the Indian goverment’s attempt to force cashless systems on Indian people [4].

6. How to avoid bank gouge.

(The long rules to avoid fees, rip-off penalties and inconvenience.)

In a cashless society, each person must have a bank account with a card. So you have to adhere to the following rules:

1. Select a card WITHOUT OVERDRAFT FACILITY from a bank with no joining fee, no monthly fee and no exit fees.

This may be possible but may also be impossible depending on competition between the banks. You also have to expressively tell the bank that you DON’T WANT ANY OVERDRAFT. Failing to say that may allow them to charge you hefty overdraft fees.

2. Try to find sellers with no or low charges on your purchase transactions.

3. Keep track of your deposits and spendings on a WRITTEN piece of paper to match up your balance figures with those on monthly bank statements.

4. Find out the exact dates your deposits will be added to and various fees deducted from your balance. The delays on adding the deposit may be blamed on non-business days, 3 days delays for the bank to use your money for free, failure by their own computers or connection network !

5. Eagerly read your monthly statements to reconcile your balance after receiving it.

6. Leave about $10 in your account card to cover for the anticipated differences caused by different ways of calculating the balance (fees on your deposits, fees on your purchases). This prevents it going into negative, triggering an OVERDRAFT mode for that they can whack a huge FEE (penalty ?) of about $20USD on your account. (Please reread rule #1 !)

7. IMMEDIATELY notify the bank if statement fails to arrive. IMMEDIATELY report to the bank any discrepancy between the monthly statement and your own written record of the account. Non-reporting implies your acceptance of their statements and later discovery of any difference will not be LEGALLY accepted. (Please reread rule #3 !)

8. Only shop at your familiar shops, avoid shopping at unfamiliar shops which may run a card scam on you.
7. Do not enquire about your balance more often than you are allowed to (about 6 free enquiries per month, each additional enquiry cost you $1.00USD).

9. Do not purchase more often than you are allowed to (the relevant governments have to make rulings on the frequencies). Each extra purchase trip may cost you some transaction fees of about $2.00USD (estimation only).

10. If you transgress (or is trapped by ?) any of the bank rules (like not paying their arbitrarily imposed rip-off penalty) your account card will be locked up and have no way to access your deposits (whether they are your salaries or government allowances) until you open another account card at another bank (usually with high fees and penaties conditions). You have to live off your family and friends while waiting for the new card.

7. Incidental (rip off?) fees.

1. OVERDRAFT FEES if applicable ($30 AUD = $25 USD per triggering in Australia and much higher in the UK, at £90 per month [6]).

2. STATEMENT REPRINT FEES ($30 AUD = $25 USD per monthly listing in Australia).

3. Plastic card replacement fees.

4. Balance enquiry fees when exceeding allowed numbers.

5. Outrageous fees if you use you cards oversea ( [22]).

8. Systemic risks to account holders.

1. The internet can collapse at any time leaving account holders in the cold ( [7]), or some hacker may attack to lock up all customer accounts ( [7a]).

2. According to current banking rules in major English speaking countries, customers will lose their money deposited to their accounts if the bank goes bankrupt. Only 10% of total of all deposits are kept for them in the Central Bank (which may also be privately owned, as in USA and in UK !).

So if any bank has some misfortune, its customers can say goodbye to their strings of 0’s and 1’s. In the time following that they have to somehow survive, waiting for the Central Bank to intervene !

The risk is not imaginary. Multiple banks have been defrauded. The Bangandesh Central Bank have been defrauded by just a single of many possible scams ( [8]). Similarly, a giant French bank has been exposed to billions of loss ( [21]).

9. Social consequences.

1. Homeless have to beg for shelters, foods or clothings, not money.
2. Casual, unplanned cash in hand jobs for handimen will disappears.

3. Sunday markets, garage sales will disappear.

4. Small repairs and odd works are to be carried by registered handimen at much higher costs (with their well known tricks of making small jobs big).

5. Houses deteriorate due to high maintenance costs.

6. With a captive market, banks can increase their fees and impose penalties at their will. Bankers become a new ruling class.

7. Stores will have to issue trade account vouchers to replace cash. Prudent people will have to buy these vouchers to avoid being without foods, clothes and everything else if the banks shut down.
8. Economic slow down due to lack of fluidity of transactions (look at India after demonetizing for an example).

9. Underworld now trade in high value goods (companies, houses), influence, favours and forced, inhouse labours.

10. Conclusion.

You have been warned! Bankers are really desperate for your money [17].


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, Posted on December 15, 2016


Bankers given outrageous incomes by their boards, posted on December 22 2016,


, posted on December 1, 2016




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