The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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This blog aims to bring to light the reasons for higher than normal per capita cost of health care for immigrants. This higher than normal cost is caused by the attitude of immigrant patients as well as immigrant health care providers. The higher than normal cost should be noted in any budgeting by any government working with a migrant population.

This blog gives my first hand observation and the details drawn from my conversations with some people of immigrant communities.

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The abuse of health care system by some immigrants in Australia.

1. The cost overrun in health care.

Australia has been a lucky country with large areas for agriculture and fishery, abundance of minerals for extraction, small population to divide the benefits but the country has been crying poor [1-2g]. The cause for this is MISMANAGEMENTS in many fields, with abuse to health care service (at 9.5% of GDP in 2011–12, “was slightly above average compared with other OECD countries” [9] while “It was also noted that Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander peoples experienced worse health than non-Indigenous Australians” [10]) the most easily seen.

2. Incorrect attitude from some migrants.

When a country such as Australia accept new immigrants, the country requires the contribution from the new prospective citizens. However, due to some reasons, many immigrants to Australia have the following incorrect attitude which is detrimental to the country:

-Some immigrants think that the country only needs to increase its counting of heads of its citizens like counting the number of soldiers before a battle.

-Some immigrants think that Immigration only means GIVE-ME-gration. They think that the country has too much money and is in urgent need to spend the money before it got crushed to death by the weight of its gold. The reality is the country has spent too much on migrants that there is inadequate care for its existing and retired workers who had contributed to the building up of the country. So the country has been blamed as breaking the moral contract with its existing citizens and with its indigenous, Aboriginal “First Australians” [2].

-Some immigrants think that they can channel the wealth of the host country to their former countries. They cannot tell where to draw the line between what the host country can do for them and what it can NOT do for their former countries.

-Some immigrants doctors want to get rich quick to catch up with the wealth built up over many generations of native doctors.

2. Abuse of health care service by immigrant patients.

Some immigrants have the habit to go to their doctors from the same country of origin for everything medical or not: health problem, certifying their administrative papers (for non-medical purposes such as for banking, citizenship, driving license and travel), translating their administrative papers (for non-medical purposes such as for banking, citizenship, driving license and travel). They cover that unhealthy access to health care cost by tacking the service at the end of their (unnecessary) “medical check ups”.

Some immigrants are unemployed, feel lonely, fear death and sickness so they want to have someone to talk to. Instead of going to coffee bars they go to the medical office of their ethnicity. Some make regular “medical check ups” TWICE weekly.

Some immigrants want to buy subsidized prescription medicines to bring back to their home countries for use by someone else.

3. Abuse of health care service by immigrant service providers.

Some immigrants health care service providers (doctors and nurses) do carry out illegal practice of certifying their administrative papers, translating their administrative papers tacked at the end of (unnecessary) “medical check ups”..

Some immigrants health care service providers ask their immigrant patients to make unnecessary visits:

-Asking patients to come back for “medical check ups” after diagnosis of simple seasonal influenza infection.

-Asking patients to come back for “medical check ups” just to be told that they have very good results for their blood test .

4. Conclusion.

Excessive spending on health care is unjustified, especially when it is done marginally fraudulently. National budget will be blown up and there will be no money left for anything else.

Australian government should urgently reform its health care rules and regulations to stop the abuse cited above.

A COMPULSORY co-contribution of about $5 per doctor visit may be able to reduce the number of unnecessary visits and make the national health budget healthy again [11]. (The co-contributions should be directly deducted from the coming benefit payment of the patients to avoid the doctor voiding the obligation of his patients.)













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